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Elder care: Going it along can be a recipe for burnout 

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A Certified Professional Consultant on Aging has completed a rigorous course of instruction and an examination demonstrating that they understand the processes of aging and are dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible to their boomer and senior clients.




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What is your "tipping point" for making a phone call to Changing Places? Here are a few common reasons that our clients have called us:

  • A client may be on a wait list for a retirement home, with some time to get organized for the eventual move.
  • One half of a couple may be in declining health or have a terminal illness. Often that person wants to get his affairs in order and provide for his spouse while still able to do so.
  • Some clients have experienced a major health event such as falling and breaking a hip, or being diagnosed with diabetes or heart troubles.
  • A year or so after the death of a spouse, some clients become frail themselves and need more support in their living arrangement.

These events are often overwhelming in themselves - why add the stress of organizing your own move into the mix?  

Contact us for a free consultation, to determine your “aging in place” or moving needs:

Jane Dewing


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